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13.a.  Status of Installation of Computers :

I. Whether Vidyalaya is declared as smart School (Yes/No) No
II. Whether the Vidyalaya has been provided computer (Yes/No) Yes
III. No. of Computers installed 32
IV. No. of Printer 4
V. Availability of VSAT connectivity(Yes/No) No
VI. Status of Internet connectivity(Broad Band/Dial-up) Broad Band

13.b. Achievement in the field of ICT

Year Venue Nature & Event Level of Participants Position secured
2007-08 JNV Koraput Comp. Sc. Model Cluster Level Exhibition 1st
2014-15 JNV Konark Comp.Sc Model Cluster level Exhibition 1st
2015-16 JNV Jajpur Comp.Sc Model Cluster level Exhibition 2nd



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